Our mission is to encourage preservation of the Mid Century Modern character of Holly Hill Farms. We will achieve this through architectural plan reviews and will serve as a resource for residents/realtors regarding Mid Century architectural style and related information. Our goal is to maintain the architectural integrity of Holly Hill Farms, ensuring it as a desirable place to live.

HHF Exterior Modification Form – 050421


Adrienne Davies

Committee Members

Sieglinde Espenshade
Andrew Barton

Contact Information

(810) 626 – 3044

As most of you may be aware, Holly Hill Farms has formed a new and improved Architectural Committee in January 2015 with the primary goal of continuing to preserve the integrity of our beautiful neighborhood.

Since springtime is here and many long awaited projects are about to begin, please be reminded that, per the Holly Hill Farms Covenants and Restrictions your plans regarding work on the exterior of your home and major landscaping, such as fences, patios, sheds, etc, need to be submitted to and approved by the Holly Hill Farms Architectural Committee.

So before swinging those hammers or breaking ground, be sure to give us a shout. For your convenience, we have created an email box where you should send your plans and questions: hhfarchitecturalcommittee@gmail.com.

Also, keep in mind that your project may also require a permit from Farmington Hills. Please check permit requirements on the City’s website at https://www.fhgov.com/home.aspx or by calling the Building Division at (248) 871-2450.